Do the Vega Week 16: Does Marvin Lewis Want to be Fired?

Brett Vega
Marvin Lewis

It’s the waning weeks of the 2017 NFL season and our own Brett Vega is getting even more sarcastic. Here’s his look at the league heading into Week 16.


My prediction of the game of the year was correct. It just wasn’t the Rams/Seahawks. It was the Patriots/Steelers. By rule that wasn’t a catch. And Big Ben should’ve thrown that ball out of the endzone. The Patriots have big defensive troubles still. And now that they have home field throughout all of that is irrelevant.  The Bills have an outside shot to make it if the Terrible Titans keep losing(they should). The Jersey Jets looked pretty competitive in New Orleans even with MR. Petty at the helm. Miami remembered that Cutler was their QB and that they still had no shot at the postseason.


Big Ben and Tomlin have no one to blame but themselves when they have to go to Foxborough in a month. The Ravens win out and they should be in. Marvin Lewis said “sure” when asked if he would like to be coaching the Bengals next year. Looks like even he wants to be fired. And 0-16 is that much closer in Cleveland.


The Colts lost. Surprised. The Titans lost. Shocking! The Texans lost. Shocking! The Jaguars won. Shocking! But in all seriousness no one wants to play this Jags team in the playoffs. That defense is scary and Blake Bortles looks like a new man this last month.


Awesome, we get to watch the Chiefs in a home playoff game: #1anddone. San Diego, oops L.A. again is going to miss out because they started the season off terribly. Oakland needs a full defensive rebuild this offseason, Badly. Denver won again, moving away from a really good pick yet again.

John Fox Chicago Bears

John Fox is done in Chi-Town.


If Dallas gets 16 miracles they can get in. Probably won’t happen, but this is another team that no one wants to play in January. The Eagles looked a little shell shocked at first but after they settled in St. Nick looked like he might be able to win a playoff game. The G-Men are trying to send Eli Manning off with a win. They just aren’t good enough to do so. Washington is in full on implosion mode even after a win. There will be a ton of turnover in the bottom half of this division this offseason.


The Packers put Aaron Rodgers on IR. Making the right decision for the first time since drafting Rodgers. DA BEARS!!! SUCK…. Bye bye John Fox. Detroit kept there miniscule hopes alive. And they should continue to do so because they play absolutely nobody in their last two games. I get the feeling they will find a way to lose one of the last two however simply because they are still the Lions. Minnesota is really good. At home. If they can get home field throughout, or just have someone beat Philly I don’t know who can go into that dome and win.


The Falcons beat Tampa Bay. Shocking!!!!! New Orleans beat the Jets. Shocking!!!!! Tampa lost to Atlanta. Shocking!!!!! The true game in this division was Carolina dismantling whatever was left of Aaron Rodgers. That defense is deserving of better than Cam Newtown is going to give them in January.


The Arizona Cardinals is god awful! The 49ers with a 3-0 run are starting to show what we can expect next year. A gritty, tough, well balanced team that won’t be an easy victory. Now, what was that? Seriously? I’m not sure if the Seahawks knew they had a game. The Rams looked legit, as they have been on and off all year. That game left me with more questions about both teams than I had before it started. Does Seattle need to blow it up and just build around Wilson? Is Pete Carroll almost done? Can the Rams do this when it matters against a real team? They haven’t until this week.