Do The Vega Week 15: Game of The Year This Week

Brett Vega
Jared Goff Rams Las Vegas Raiders Report

The season is winding down and the action on the field heating up. Our NFL Man About Town – Brett Vega – is back to give you his latest on the state of the NFL.


The Pats looked human for once. Bill Belichick was out coached, Tom Brady looked old, the team as a whole looked lost. With a healthy Gronk back next week I fully expect them to get back to championship form. If the Steelers can pull off a win however, it could be a legitimate sign of the end of an era. Miami looked really good defensively. They won’t make the playoffs but, if they can keep this core together and get Ryan Tannehill back to full strength they could be dangerous next year.  The Snow Bowl was awesome to watch! The Bills kept their playoff chances alive in that one. The next week or two will remove that playoff chance. The J.E.T.S. lost any hope they had of being competitive when McCown’s hand busted.

Buffalo Bills Snow Las Vegas Raiders Report

Last week’s Snow Bowl in Buffalo was a treat to watch.


The Ravens finally played a real QB! And promptly gave up thirty nine points! I suspect that is closer to what their defense really is. First round playoff exit incoming. The Browns don’t want the Lions to be the only 0-16 team. But at least they have Josh (drugs) (alcohol) (rehab) Gordon back. The Bengals are just awful. I get it. Their whole defense was out and blah blah blah excuses. They suck period. Pittsburgh can actually smell the dome in Minnesota. That’s where the superbowl is being played this year if you didn’t know.


The Colts found another way to lose in an exciting game. Even after Joe Webb came in, Great Job Colts!!! They understand that getting a better draft pick is important for next year. The Titans are looking like they should, garbage. I really hope they lose out and miss the playoffs. That team is a hard watch. Houston might be more competitive with TJ Yates. Jacksonville is slowly but surely making me a believer. Maybe not superbowl with Bortles but not a team you can overlook in the postseason either.


So much for my Raiders to win the division pick. They are just not a good team. When the Chiefs get pummeled by the Chargers this week, I hopefully won’t have to hear ESPN talking about how the Andy Reid has them going back in the right direction. Does anyone want to see Philip Rivers and co. coming to town in January? No, that team can beat anyone. Hey, the Broncos won a game in Denver! Way to go Elway!! That’s how you get the 7th pick instead of the 4th!!


The Eagles…..The Eagles… have a legitimate excuse for losing their first playoff game. The Carson Wentz injury might have been a good thing for them in that respect. Since one and done was a likely outcome anyway – like our Raiders last year with Derek Carr. The RedHawks Redskins are in all out implosion mode. The Giants looked pretty good for a half. At least they are trying make up for the worst move their franchise has ever made with Eli Manning. And Dallas stayed alive in the playoff hunt. Not likely but possible.

Carson Wentz Las Vegas Raiders Report

Carson Wentz is done in Philly for the year. That doesn’t bode well for the Eagles.


The Bears won. The Lions won. Neither will be in the postseason, so we’ll move on. Aaron Rodgers is close to suiting up. I wouldn’t do it. I honestly hope he can’t go this week and they get destroyed so they can stop even considering this. If Minnesota doesn’t get their o-line injuries under control they will be joining the Eagles in the one and done category.


Atlanta metrically is the fourth best team in football. We might have witnessed an NFC Championship preview game last Thursday. The Saints need to get healthy on defense for that to happen however. Tampa continues to throw Winston at us every week. That’s the kind of stuff that gets coaches and gm’s fired. Carolina is by far the worst nine win team I’ve ever seen. They play Green Bay and Tampa next though so at eleven wins we’re going to have to snore through whoever demolishes them in the wildcard round.


Game of the year alert: L.A. Rams @ Seattle Seahawks this week. Should be some crazy stuff and exciting plays on both sides of the ball in this one. Seattle has a way (mostly the refs giving them every important call) of winning these games at home. Garoppolo is legit. Watch out for the Santa Clara 49ers next year. I bet the Cardinals to win this week against the Titans. Only because they were playing the Titans. They’ll be lucky to go one and two in their last three games.