Do The Vega Week 14: It was the Most Brutal of Weeks

Brett Vega
Do the vega Brett Vega Las vegas Raiders Report

Our everyman around town Brett Vegas is back with his take on the NFL. 


Hello Buffalo? This is five-pick Peterman calling. I was wondering if you guys needed a starter this week? Oh you do, great! I’ll be right there. The Dolphins converted an onside kick attempt after the game was over. The Jets took their turn beating the Kansas City Chiefs – it’s a growing club. So at least all three teams that can’t make the playoffs have some headlines for this week. The Patriots on the other hand, keep winning however they need to. Good luck out game planning those guys in the playoffs.


In the most brutal/best game of the year the Steelers and Bengals put on a show. And it ended the only way it should. The better team won, and the choke artists choked. Pittsburgh needs someone else to knock the Pats out for them to have any shot at another Super Bowl however. The Ravens still haven’t played an elite QB for a whole game. They look amazing beating all these backups though. LATE BREAKING NEWS!!!!! THE CLEVELAND BROWNS LOST ANOTHER GAME!!!!!

Jimmy Garoppolo Las Vegas Raiders Report

San Francisco 49ers’ Jimmy Garoppolo is the future of the franchise at QB.


Please let Jacksonville win this division. I don’t want to see Marcus Mariota missing every other pass in January. The Titans are about as good as the Miami Wildcat team was in 2008. They win the same way as well – ugly. The Colts should already be shopping Jacoby for picks or O-line help. Houston needs to upgrade the O-line as well this offseason, as well as securing a legitimate backup QB.


The Chiefs have a great opportunity to lose another game and the division this week at home against our city’s soon to be Raiders. The Chargers can stay in the mix if they can avoid Captain Kirk Cousins’ Redskins. The Broncos also have an opportunity. The opportunity to get the other Manning (Eli) this offseason.


Dallas figured out that if they run the ball with a three-time thousand yard rusher it gives them a chance to win. It also covers how horrible that receiving talent is. The Captain Kirks looked like they usually do. Almost beat the Saints one week, lose to Dallas badly the next. The good news there is that they just might beat the Chargers this week if that continues. The Eagles lost in what amounted to Seattle’s Super Bowl. And I believe it’s exactly what they needed. I fully expect Peterson and Wentz to get back on track and win convincingly in L.A. this week. The G-men realized how horrible last week’s decision was and fired everyone they could.


If the Green Bay Packers beat the Browns this week, they will be bringing back Aaron Rodgers. I guess they might have to but I still completely disagree with the decision. Risking your franchise and the best player in football for a “maybe” with three teams most likely still ahead of you is not a good business decision in my eyes. The Lions have zero chance without Matthew Stafford. Da Bears need minor improvements and tweaks on the O-line and massive overhaul at the receiver position. All of which can be addressed via free agency and the draft. We’ll see if John Fox (who has the worst head coaching record in the history of the franchise) and his staff can get one more year in about a month. The Vikings have now won back to back games that I thought would be stumbling points for them and proved me wrong. I hope they continue proving me wrong, they are a fun team to watch.

Case Kenum Las Vegas Raiders Report

QB Case Keenum and the Vikes continue to roll.


Atlanta has a tough climb now. They need some combination of Carolina, L.A. Rams, or Seattle to fall off quickly and most likely two of the three for them to make the postseason.  They catch a break with Carolina. That team stinks. The Saints are a legitimate threat to win it all. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are not.


And the race is on. L.A. has to get past the Eagles and then try and beat Seattle on the road. Sounds like 0-2 to me. Seattle took control of their own destiny with their win on Sunday Night Football against the ex-number one seed Eagles. The San Fran Garapollos got another win. Good start to what I hope is a long QB and Head Coach relationship. Bright future in the Santa Clara. Arizona is going to blow it all up this offseason and they should. Arians needs a change of scenery and the only piece worth keeping around on offense is David Johnson.