Do The Vega Week 13: Raiders Will Win AFC West

Brett Vega
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Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr (4) hands the ball off to Oakland Raiders’ Marshawn Lynch (24) in the first quarter of their NFL game at the Coliseum in Oakland, Calif. on Sunday, Nov. 26, 2017. (Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group)

Despite writing for Las Vegas’ only dedicated Raiders site, our man Brett Vega hasn’t had much good to say about the Silver and Black in 2017. Today that changes. Read the reason why he thinks the team will eventually win the West.


The Dolphins are pathetic period. The Bills caught a break so I’m not sure if they recaptured the magic or if the Chiefs are just bad. The J-E-T-S continued being competitive at home. And the Pats are the best franchise over a two decade stretch that we might have ever seen in the NFL. I dare you to disagree.


The Browns might have a legit shot to win a game in the next few weeks with Gordon and Coleman at wideout. The Bengals have won two in a row. Just enough to do what I said they would, get the 18th pick in the draft and keep throwing Dalton out weekly next year. The Ravens look like a team primed for a week 17 loss that takes them out of the playoffs or, a first round exit. The Steelers continue to struggle with bad teams. We’ll see how far they can make it when they play the Pats in a few weeks.


The Colts might get a good enough draft pick to trade and build up the offensive line next year. Protecting Andrew Luck and getting what they can for Brissett and a draft pick should be the #1 priority. The Titans are just brutal to watch. I can’t think of a worst first place team. The Jags should win this division going away. The Texans need to start tanking on purpose so they can try to protect Watson better next year. They might not need to try because they are bad but, if they find themselves in position to throw a game, I’m just saying.


The Kansas City Chiefs suck. Maybe they can finally move on from the Reid-Smith duo. The Broncos are switching back to Trevor Siemian. That’s all the news in Denverland.  The Chargers might be the first team to start 0-4 and make the playoffs. The problem with that theory is that ESPN is on the bandwagon, which leads to something the bosses at this site are going to like to hear. After looking at the remaining schedules for the top 3 teams, I actually like the Raiders to win this division. Then promptly exit the playoffs.

Eli Manning New York Giants Las Vegas Raiders Report

The Giants are disrespecting the best player they’ve had in the past 25 years for Geno Smith?


The Cowgirlsboys went eight deep at offensive line last year. This year, they are down to two and a half. The receivers can’t get open. Dak Prescott has no time in the pocket. The defense is too young to be on the field that much. It’s all bad in Jerry World. Washington plays in Jerry World this Thursday in a game with as much meaning as the Niners and Giants had a few weeks ago. Speaking of the G-men, how on earth did someone decide that benching Eli would solve anything? The guy that won you two Super Bowls, and has the longest streak of consecutive starts in the league, doesn’t deserve to be benched so you can evaluate Geno Smith.  It’s completely unacceptable and unfair to the best Giant this century. The Eagles just keep rolling. Still facing zero adversity. Hopefully for them Doug has something up his sleeve to keep them prepared after two meaningless games and a bye week before they have to play a real team in the playoffs.


The Vikings are for real. A bad Keenum turnover could cost them after round two of the postseason but, that defense is good enough to make up for it hopefully. The Lions might not have enough games left to make a wildcard run. The Packers are seriously considering bringing Aaron Rodgers back. Just another injustice to the best football player on the planet. Someone upstairs needs to call down and tell anyone that will listen that they can win out and still miss the playoffs. Risking your entire franchise for a chance is not worth it. The Bears are a John Fox firing and a real Qb away from being pretty good.

John Gruden Monday Night Football Las Vegas Raiders Report

This guy represents the last time the Bucs were relevant. The NFL misses Gruden on the sidelines.


The only team less believable than the Titans is the Carolina Panthers. I hope I don’t have to watch this team play a game in January. The Falcons are getting right at the perfect time. The Saints finally lost a game. That young defense needed that. They will be fine. The Bucs for some reason are going to bring Winston back. And that’s why they haven’t been relevant since Chuckie left.


The Rams need home games in the postseason. The Seahawks need to help Russell Wilson out this offseason. The Niners are heading in the right direction. The Cardinals need a complete remodeling.