Do The Vega Week 10: Rams Ascend and Browns are….

Brett Vega
Sammy Watkins Los Angeles Rams Las Vegas Raiders Report
Sammy Watkins has come alive and the Rams look pretty damn good.

Each week our own Brett Vega takes his sarcastic – and sometimes controversial – look around the NFL.  

It’s official the back half of the 2017 NFL season. It’s time to Do the Vega on our way to the playoffs. Here’s what I think…


We’ll see if Tom Brady reverts back to the Brady that stinks it up in high altitude on Sunday night. Even if he does, the Patriots are still the class of the AFC by miles. The Bills are going to need to figure out a way to win a road game sometime in the near future or they will have quick playoff exit. The Miami Jay Cutlers are at least competitive with him on the field proving that the front office and Adam Gase’s distrust of Matt Moore was well placed. The Jets make being in control for an entire game look like being behind. Great coaching going on in that part of Jersey.

The Cards beat the 49ers in the “Toilet Bowl.”


The Steelers get the Colts and a 2-seed most likely. The Ravens still have no offensive identity. The Bengals are still exactly what we all thought – garbage. And the Browns are the worst franchise in professional sports.

DeShaun Watson Houston Texans Las Vegas Raiders Report

The NFL isn’t as good without DeShaun Watson.


Losing DeShaun Watson is bad for the NFL. I guess only one team from Houston is allowed to win a championship for Hurricane Harvey victims. That leaves us with “every other week Jacksonville” or “can we please not remember these Titans” as a home team in the playoffs and the other wildcard slot. Not good for ratings, or my eyesight. The Colts are a complete disaster with Brissett and Marlon Mack being the only watchable portion of the entire team.


I think I mentioned how bad the Broncos offense was last week. It didn’t get better with the The Twilight Vampire (Brock Osweiler) at the helm, and I doubt Paxton is going to be the answer either. Something is wrong in KC. Mediocre on defense, no big plays that aren’t created by Tyreek Hill, refusal to run Kareem Hunt. They are in real trouble. They also most likely win this division because everyone else is just as mediocre. We will find out if that Chargers win streak was good luck or if they figured it out this week against the Jags. The Raiders on the other hand are finally looking competitive. I want them to be good, I want them to be in the playoffs, I don’t think they will though.

Kareem Hunt Kansas City Chiefs Las Vegas Raiders Report

What did Kareem Hunt do to be lost in Andy Reid’s offense?


The Eagles again are ridiculous. They haven’t really beaten a good team, but you can only beat who they put in front of you. And they are pummeling the bad teams, which is a good indicator of exactly how good a team can be when they do play a real threat. I still think they need a few losses or a few games trailing in the 4th at least. Last year Dallas was rolling and then took the last 2 weeks off plus a first round bye week. The Packers came in and steamrolled them in the first half. I don’t want to see that happen to Philly. Speaking of the Cowboys, I might have been a little quick to write them off. We’ll see what happens with Zeke (I hope he gets the rest of year off plus the playoffs because he’s a scumbag) and if Alfred Morris can recapture those thousand yard seasons from Washington. Dak Prescott has them believing either way and Garrett is calling some great games. The Redskins are as I’ve said all year a team that can win on any day or lose on any day. Cousins will keep them competitive but there is just way too many injuries here. The Giants need to fire Mcadoo yesterday. He’s lost the locker room and now he’s talking about benching Eli Manning so he can look at what they have in Geno Smith. Geno Smith!!!

“…(the Giants) talking about benching Eli Manning so he can look at what they have in Geno Smith. Geno Smith!!!”


Minnesota should be looking over their shoulder if what we saw from the Lions O-line on Monday Night is going to continue. The Packers need to completely reload in the front office and coaching staff and pray that Aaron Rodgers comes back next year as the same guy with better talent around him if they want another shot at a Super Bowl. I think the last two games should be enough to see how bad McCarthy is without Favre or Rodgers, and how bad the talent department is at building a roster that doesn’t include Favre or Rodgers. Da Bears have a home game coming up. So they probably get another step closer to the usual John Fox 8-8 season.

Sammy Watkins Los Angeles Rams Las Vegas Raiders Report

Sammy Watkins has come alive and the Rams look pretty damn good.


Man, I do not want to see the disaster that is this Panthers squad get a home game in the playoffs. Repeat that with Atlanta. I don’t have to have that worry with Tampa Bay. The only team in this division worth watching is the team currently in first, New Orleans. And I really hope we get to see another Drew Brees and Sean Payton playoff run.


Those L.A. Rams are looking pretty damn good huh? Seattle will still hold all the tiebreakers most likely so the Rams better hope the Seahawks keep losing randomly while they stockpile conference wins. The Cards beat the 49ers in the “Toilet Bowl”. YAY!!!!!!  Stay tuned for the “Toilet Bowl II” – 49ers vs. Giants.