Do The Vega: Up The Rivers Without a Paddle

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Each week our own Brett Vega takes his sarcastic – and sometimes controversial – look around the NFL.

How Brady got his groove back? Don’t call it a comeback? Yeah the Pats are still the Pats, the favorite to win another Super Bowl. Ridiculous.

Las Vegas Raiders Report
Patriots Still The Favorite To Repeat

The Dolphins looked more like what I expect them to look like for the majority of this year. When Ajayi gets healthy The Fish will be more competitive, but relying on Cutler is not a long term solution, and definitely not a way to make it to the playoffs. The Bills are a legitimate threat to beat any team in a one game playoff situation. And the New York Jets beat Cutler so they’ve “got that going for them, which is nice”.


Is it just me or did the Steelers and Ravens both play Week 3 like they were looking ahead to next week when they play each other for the lead in the division? For both teams sake, let’s hope so. The Browns again looked competitive as they were last season, but couldn’t do enough to win against the lowly Colts. Good outlook for the future though. Not so for the Bengals. The lack of defensive depth is showing at the end of games as the front seven gets completely gassed playing so many snaps. The offensive line is still a big issue. And Dalton did enough to keep his job for a few more weeks. Sorry Cincy it’s gonna be a long season.

Anyone want to question my statement that the Texans could beat the Patriots in a one game playoff scenario? This team is gonna be hard to beat for the rest of the year and should walk away with a division title. The Titans are hitting their stride offensively and if they can just keep up with how well their defense is playing they might be good enough to make the playoffs. Three of their next four are on the road before the bye week. If they can head into their buy week at 4-3 or 5-2 then the preseason hype was legitimate. Jacoby Brissett is making a serious case that he deserves to be a starter on an NFL roster next year. The only real bright spot on an otherwise pathetic Colts roster. And Jacksonville is exactly what I thought. Really good defensively and that will win them a few games they shouldn’t. Bortles will lose them games they shouldn’t be losing however.

Philip Rivers deserves better than this. Sure, he’s thrown 40 interceptions in the last 40 games – I’m not sure if he’ll ever get it in San Diego, I mean Los Angeles however. Denver had a really rough road game at an undervalued Buffalo home field.

Las Vegas Raiders Report
Kareem Hunt – 538 Total Yards in 3 Games

The AFC West is still the best top to bottom team in the division without question. The Chiefs looked good again. Hill is lighting, and Kareem Hunt is breaking all RB records through the first 3 weeks. This should be a good race for the division lead. Who is the other team in this division? Oh yeah – The Oakland Raiders. The Raiders looked out of sync on both sides of the ball getting smoked by the Skins. Raider Nation is confident it was just “one bad game.”

Here come the bettors with their optimistic Cowboys Super Bowl wagers again. Do they know the ‘Boys haven’t won a title since 1996?? I still don’t see them winning much more than seven games this year. I saw more to worry about in that win than in the beat-down Denver gave them. The Giants still can’t win with that offensive line no matter how well the skill position guys play. The Redskins looked scary good defensively for a second week in a row and Chris Thompson deserves as many touches as they are willing to give him. The Eagles are airborne in 2017, looking strong on both sides of the ball, they are a last second pass vs. KC from being 3-0.

Las Vegas Raiders Report
Aaron Rodgers…stud of all studs.

How does Aaron Rodgers not have 3+ Super Bowls by now? Green Bay management needs to take a long hard look in the mirror. They are the best team in the NFC as long as their defense stays healthy. Rodgers could make me look like an all pro receiver so the offense is just fine. DA BEARS are looking like a team that could make a playoff run in the next 2 years. Not this year. The next two. They got hammered against Green Bay on Thursday night but are a QB away from being more competitive. The Vikings are stacked and should be tough to beat at U.S. Bank Stadium. As long as Bradford doesn’t come back they are a playoff team.  And the Lions just keep finding ways to lose. The runoff rule has ended a game at least three times in recent memory and every one seems to be via penalty vs. with a play left to try and win a game. Teams that are used to losing find new and exciting ways to keep doing so.

The other side of The Run-Off game was what will be the winner of this division – The Falcons. Atlanta just happens to be the the most talented team in a bad division. The Panthers are in real trouble. They wish they could play the 49ers and injured Bills every week, but that’s not the case as they head into New England this week.  The Saints finally seem to have figured out the running back pecking order and solved the offensive line issues, yet the defense is still bottom three. Tampa should be better with a more balanced attack when Doug Martin returns from his drug related suspension. Not playoff good but 7-9 wins good.

Picture this: @ Dallas, Seattle, @ Jags, Arizona, @ Giants, Houston, and @ Vikings.

Las Vegas Raiders Report
Rams Schedule Gets Brutal

That’s what the first place Rams have ahead of them. I’d be shocked if they win three games in that stretch. If the Seahawks don’t figure out something to protect Russell Wilson, the winner of this division might be sitting on 6 wins. The 49ers again had a good showing that they are heading in the right direction under this new regime. The Cardinals are going to find a way to get one of the best coaches in the NFL fired.

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