Do The Vega: The Wildcard Round

Brett Vega
NFL Wild Card Las Vegas Raiders Report

This week on as the NFL turns: We have head coaching jobs, we need help!

Andy Reid Kansas City Chiefs

Andy Reid’s Chiefs will roll, according to our own Brett Vega.

With a bunch of coaching jobs available, you heard about one on this site first. Our NFL Insider Scott Winter broke the news on Jon Gruden before anyone else even woke up. The Colts fire Chuck Pagano just in time for Arians to retire. I get the feeling we’ll be seeing the coach of the year back with Andrew Luck pretty soon. The Giants are looking at every Patriots assistant they can. Gruden said “I understand that the Raiders are interviewing candidates and I am one of them.” And the Bengals just signed Marvin Lewis to a new deal through 2019. Get ready for another two years of mediocrity in Cincy.

Now, onto the real stuff. Playoff matchups.


Absolutely brutal. This game is going to be so unwatchable I don’t want to break it down. Mariota will suck, the run game will struggle, and the Chiefs should pull away by 14+ before the end of the first quarter. 42-13 CHIEFS.


This should be the most interesting shootout since the O.K. Corral scene in Tombstone. I’m casting Atlanta as Doc Holliday/Wyatt Earp and L.A. as the Cowboy gang. In a game where the last team to have the ball should win I’m putting my faith in the veteran squad that’s been here before. 35-31 FALCONS.


Buffalo is in the playoffs for the first time since 1999! And they will be at home next week. This Jags defense is way too strong to let whatever the Bills are doing on offense scare them. I’m going to say this gets really ugly really fast. 33-9 JAGS.


Cam Newton is not good on the road. He’s only had three games on the road all year without at least one interception. And two multiple interception games. All the talk about how hard it is to beat a team three times in one year is not factual. Thirteen out of twenty times since the league merger in 1970 the team that won two regular season games went on to win the playoff game. Let’s make it fourteen. 24-17 SAINTS.