Do The Vega Thanksgiving Edition: Week 12 Primer

Brett Vega
Las Vegas Raiders Report Thanksgiving

The 2017 NFL season has been an odd one – political protests, a massive drop in television ratings, and even infighting between owners. But there’s always our man Brett Vega to break it down for you. Grab a turkey leg and settle in.


The Pats just keep rolling. That was a completely dominating performance in Mexico City this week. In fact, so dominating the Oakland Raiders fired a coach after it. The Dolphins really need another hurricane to hit so they can try and cancel some games. The Jets get an opportunity to keep the home game competitiveness alive this week. The Bills benching of Tyrod Taylor for Five-Pick Peterman didn’t work out as well as they’d hoped. So maybe they can settle in this week and get back some of that magic from earlier this season.

Tom Brady Thanksgiving NFL New England Patriots Oakland Raiders brett vegas

Tom Brady and the Pats feasted on the weak, unfocused, and lost Raiders squad last week.


The Steelers kept their place as the second best team in the AFC. The Ravens might be finding some mojo and could make a late wildcard push. The Bengals got a win! Not even sure if it matters. No I’m sure, it doesn’t. The NFL needs a D-league so they can relegate like the EPL does. Then maybe the Browns might try to be competitive.


The Indianapolis Colts need a complete overhaul at every level of the organization with the exception of Andrew Luck. The Houston Texans are not in the conversation anymore even after getting a win. The Titans looked like the team I expect to see on a weekly basis, bad. The Jags look like they figured it out. Banged up Fournette and all. That defense is legit, and if they can keep Blake Bortles reigned in, they have a good argument as the third best team in the conference.


The KC Chiefs…WOW. That was inexcusable. I’m kind of hoping they fall apart now so we can at least get a surging somewhat competitive team in the playoffs instead of this hot mess. The Broncos are going to switch to the third QB on their roster – Paxton Lynch – to see if he can provide a spark and to evaluate if they need to move on or not. I’m going to go out on a limb and say he doesn’t provide a spark and they need to look elsewhere to find the signal caller of the future. The San Diego/Inglewood/Los Angeles Chargers sadly look like the best team in this division currently, which says a lot about the state of the AFC West. Now, while there is no shame in being out prepared, out coached, and out everything else by Bill Belichick, the Raiders loss was not OK. To not even show up is a testament to how much this Oakland team believes in themselves. And I firmly believe this marks the end of any playoff hopes.


The Cowboys are going to have to address their offensive line depth in the offseason. Tyron Smith not playing shouldn’t derail the entire team. Alfred Morris ran well. The defense played well. This is not an Ezekiel Elliot issue. No quarterback in the league can play at a competitive level when they have two seconds to get rid of the ball. That said, four turnovers is unacceptable. The next five games could be a really long stretch of bad football. The Redskins showed the injury and depth problems that will nag them the rest of the season. Guys need a break and Washington doesn’t have enough bodies to provide any rest throughout a game. The Eagles are the class of the NFC  – and the best we’ve seen in a long time. The Giants saved their coaches job, for now.

Detroit Lions Las Vegas Raiders Report Thanksgiving

The Lions and their fans get Turkey Day football for the 80th+ year.


The Detroit Lions are staying in the hunt and today’s Thanksgiving tilt should let us know exactly what to expect from this team going forward. Da Bears lost another close home game. There is certainly things to look forward to in Chicago’s future. The Packers have zero chance to do much of anything without the best football player on the planet. The Vikings look really good. Holding the #1 offense to 200 yards and seven points is nothing but spectacular. They are in prime position for a letdown spot on Thursday night however. I just hope if they lose to the Lions the coaching staff doesn’t overreact and try the Teddy Bridgewater experiment. It could derail all the good currently surrounding this team.


Atlanta still have trouble holding leads late in games. I don’t think there is going to be enough room in the NFC for three teams in any division. That will make a tight race between the Falcons and Panthers fun to watch. Neither team is a legitimate contender in any case and will most likely be making a first round exit. Tampa Bay might want to consider letting Jameis Winston “heal” for the rest of this season and then draft another QB when it’s over. New Orleans is arguably the second best team in the conference. They are certainly the second most complete.

Russell Wilson Seattle Seahawks

Wilson and the Seahawks are in deep doo-doo.


The Niners are a chocolate covered mess that just keeps trying to stay in games. If Jimmy G works out they are only a few pieces from relevance. Blaine Gabbert might a get shot at his old team this week. So at least there’s something almost interesting to talk about in Arizona. And what was once shaping up to be two really good teams racing for the division lead is now looking like two middle of the pack teams trying not to get left out of the playoffs. The Seahawks are in real trouble but Russell Wilson is a man playing with boys on game day and will keep them in the conversation. The Rams need to get the magic back. One bad game doesn’t mean much however so I fully expect that they will do so.