Do The Vega: In Trubisky the Bears Trust?

Brett Vega
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Each week our own Brett Vega takes his sarcastic – and sometimes controversial – look around the NFL.  

Welcome to our weekly look around the NFL…this week: the Trubisky Edition:


Wow, the Patriots defense is bad, really bad. I can’t remember a Belichick coached defense ever looking this consistently putrid and have the numbers to prove it: 456 Yards Allowed Per Game is not only dead last in the NFL, it’s 60 YPG more than the second worst defense, the Colts (at 396 YPG). The early over-hyped Dolphins are not good football team. Miami might not be as bad as they’ve looked thus far, but this is far from a playoff team. Jay Cutler he signed a $10M deal and now he’s just waiting to get hurt or go back to FOX. The J-E-T-S have reeled off 2 in a row with the lowly Browns coming up. I’ll go out on a limb here and predict The Fish only win 2 more games this year. Max. Since the Ravens look like a hot mess the Bills are now my defensive Super Bowl dark horse. Buffalo is scrappy and loaded with veterans.

Le'veon Bell Pittsburgh Steelers Las Vegas Raiders Report

The Bell is ringing again for the Steelers.


The Steelers appear to be finally getting it going. Le’veon Bell looks in mid-season form, and Antonio Brown showing some fire. True to Big Ben form, it’s about time for an odd Roethlisberger injury keeping him out a month, thus Pittsburgh will need Landry do just enough to win a few games so they will still win the division. The Bengals have looked strong the last two weeks, but sorry Cincinnati, if you continue playing well you get yet another year of Lewis and Dalton. The Browns should get their first win this week. That could give the young guys some confidence so they can get back to the form from previous weeks. The Ravens look exactly like Joe Flacco throws the ball: terrible. The Yanda loss is clearly hurting that D, and the offensive woes aren’t going anywhere.


There’s a team in Texas that is good enough to win a Super Bowl and they are not in Dallas – The Texans have scored more points every week than the previous, ringing up 57 points against Tennessee. The Titans aren’t done, however making the playoffs is a long shot. A team predicated on running and clock control can’t seem to either consistently even with an extremely stout defense. The Jags are the Jags, and they are the epitome of mediocrity. Brissett showed some growing pains yet he still played well for the majority of that game against a really tough defense in only his 3rd week with the Colts. This dude needs to be a starting QB somewhere next year.


Los Angeles Chargers Dean Spanos Las Vegas Raiders Report

The LA Chargers can’t draw any fans. Thank Dean Spanos.

“GO Chargers GO!”…Back to San Diego. The Broncos are legit as their defense looks better than the one that carried what was left of Peyton Manning to a Super Bowl win. The Chiefs keep on trucking. I sincerely hope for the fans in Kansas City that Andy Reid opens the playbook in the playoffs so they actually have a chance to beat a real team when it matters. Oakland Raiders, the off-season ESPN favorites to win it all, worst odds in Vegas based on last years results. They sit at 2-2 after starting the season 2-0. How on earth can they let Carr play after Mariota got injured in the morning? Didn’t they learn last year? I guarantee you the next time they see Mariota go down Derek Carr is gonna develop a sudden case of turf toe and be listed inactive.


How Bout Them Cowboys? They lost again, and Dallas fans should get used to it as it’s going to happen a lot more this year. The Giants look like a team in need of change at every level, from the GM to the third string fullback. The Eagles are going to cause problems for whoever they lineup against in the postseason, as this balanced team sits in the driver’s seat of the NFC East. The Washington Redskins are going to surprise a lot of teams this year, as they nearly went to 3-1 this week at Arrowhead with the game going down to the final play. Possible late wild card run for the “racial slurs”.


The Bears newly named starting QB Mitch Trubisky is just as capable of handing off the ball to Howard and Cohen as that guy from Tampa. Chicago will now win a few games they will go in as underdogs. The Vikings are officially done. Murray can help but it’s just too many injuries to overcome at this point. That leaves us exactly where we were last year with the Packers being the best team and the Lions losing the wild card game.

New England Patriots Las Vegas Raiders Report

What do you mean we don’t lead the division?


Even with the Panthers sitting at 3-1, Cam is not back. Honestly I believe the staff here at could hang a 30 burger on the Patriots (as long as we don’t have to run) at this point. The Bucs beat another terrible team and didn’t look good doing it. They’ve got serious problems ahead. The Saints actually played defense for 2 straight weeks, showing that I might have jumped off the bandwagon too quickly. Atlanta is fine. Perfect bye week timing.


The #1 offense in the NFL belongs to, wait for it, the Los Angeles Rams. Yes, the Rams. It’s unclear if this offensive output is sustainable but this L.A. team is winning me over, which means they probably go on a 5 game losing streak or suffer a slew of injuries. The SeaChickens are is doing what they usually do in fixing their problems by the end of the first quarter of the season. That doesn’t mean that having two wins over bad teams is some prolific change, but it is a step in the right direction. Who else is in this division? Oh, the 49ers and the Cardinals are a combined 2-6 with a -45 point differential.