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Philip Rivers Las Vegas Raiders Report

The scene if Rivers was in Tecmo Bowl.

Yes, we’re a site covering the Raiders. Our contributor Brett Vega keeps an eye on the rest of the NFL for us. 

No overreaction this past Monday from this guy. But there was a few telling points as we look back at Week 1 in the NFL.


Jay Cutler Las Vegas Raiders REport
Jay Cutler a hero in Miami?

Calm down. Just breathe. The Patriots will be fine. Maybe not 12-13 wins fine, but 10-11 and a division championship fine. They do have some real problems on the defensive line to address and they will. We haven’t seen anything from the Miami Cutler’s but if how Houston played is any indicator of how teams will react to hurricanes it’s probably not a good outlook. The Bills will challenge for the division for the first time in a long time. And the Jets are awful.


DeShon Kizer Las Vegas Raiders Report
Domer Kizer started well, will it last?

The Browns are competitive. 7-9 to 9-7 is the most likely end here. DeShon Kizer looks like he might be legit and Coleman is a real threat. Pittsburgh will be back to scoring 35 a game by week 4-5. But that Ravens defense is for real. As long as Flacco stays upright this team is going to be hard to beat. 12-14 wins is not out of the question. Top to bottom they are the best team in the division. Hopefully Dalton looks this bad for the next couple weeks and Bengals fans can get Marvin Lewis out of town and McCarron as their QB. Talent wise they are capable of competing for a Super Bowl but until those two things happen this team is going nowhere.


That Jags defense though! Still not a believer in the offense and will cost them a lot of games they should’ve won. 6 wins max. The Colts are absolute garbage top to bottom.  Even Andrew Luck won’t change that. The Texans will have a lot of problems in home games until they no longer need to swim to their neighbors house. However starting Watson is the right move. He will cover a lot of the offensive line holes and that defense is good enough to cover his turnovers 9-7 to 11-5 division champs. Tennessee is exactly what I thought they were. Not that good. They will have some great offensive games when they play against teams that don’t stop the run. Seven wins max. But that defense is for real.


Poor Philip Rivers. Again. They’ll be in every game and lose a lot for the 4th straight year in the 4th quarter. Denver is legit. Barring injury to QB or O-line they will win a ton of games and the division. Here we go. Chiefs. Relax. Andy

Philip Rivers Las Vegas Raiders Report
The scene if Rivers was in Tecmo Bowl.

Reid is still the head coach. Alex Smith is still the QB. Hunt and Hill are amazing however and the defense will keep them in games despite the coach and QB. I was wrong. But, a  one and done playoff run is the most likely end here. Oakland beat an overrated Titans team. Lets crown em. Just kidding. That defense is not as good as it looked and will be exposed. Home games will be rough when they start to struggle and those fans remember that the team is leaving. 8-8 9-7 out of the playoffs.


How bout them COWBOYS??? Yeah, that defense is not that good. Dak Prescott looked off on a bunch of throws. They will be exposed soon and finish out of the playoffs. Too many good teams in the NFC. The other team in that game might have the worst o-line I’ve ever seen, and Perkins is so bad that Ray Rice might be getting a call soon. Sorry, the New York (even though they’re from jersey) football Giants are in real trouble. The racial slurs aren’t as bad as they looked in that second half. They’re also not much better. Mediocre is the name Washington. Now, my pick to win the division looked really good. Carson Wentz actually completed a pass over 15 yds and that defense looked better than advertised. Again, not as good as they looked. But, the team to get out of this division will be an extremely tough out in the playoffs. And that team will be the Eagles.


Matthew Stafford Las Vegas Raiders Report
Stafford is off to hot start in 2017.

DA BEARS!! Competitive, yes. Playoffs, no. Green Bay when healthy are the best team in the NFC and it’s not close. The Lions looked nice against a team that I was way off on. Matthew Stafford will keep them in games but similar to Rivers, when they play a better team they will lose. And they play a better teams 10 times or more this season. SAM BRADFORD!!!! And Alex Smith are the same guy. The Saints defense is just that bad. I do think this team makes the playoffs but that will be their best offensive performance of the year.


I was wrong on the Saints defensive improvements. And that line is still terrible. The Falcons look like they just blew a huge lead in the Super Bowl. The Panthers look bad all around. Cam Newton is off and the defense shut down one of the worst personnel offensive teams in the league. The Bucs we didn’t get to see but again, IRMA. Not good. This division is bad. And it’s gonna take a few weeks to see who can string together a 4-2 or 5-1 start. That team will win. I just can’t say who it’s going to be but judging from upcoming schedule and overall talent I’ll guess the Falcons.


Brutal! The Rams beat the 2nd worst team so YAY! Todd Gurley averaged two yards a carry against that same team BTW. The Cardinals, UGH. I’m sorry for my David Johnson comment. This team sucks. Not an overreaction. Until Carson Palmer is gone and they get a few offensive linemen they have no real chance of success. Honestly their only hope is if Palmer gets hurt in the next week or so and they bring in the Kneeler (Kaepernick). Do I have to breakdown the 49ers? Hot Burning Garbage, Dumpster fire, all the bad things you can say are probably true. Seattle on the other hand always starts slow until the O-line gets going and they figure out who’s going to run the ball other than Wilson. They win this division going away by default.

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