Dirk to Pass Wilt Chamberlain on All-Time Scoring Monday


In Dirk Nowitzki‘ 21 years of NBA play, he’s had some incredible moments. Whether it was his “flu” game against the Miami Heat en route to the 2011 Championship or his MVP season in ‘07 he’s made his mark on the league. Dirk serves to pass another milestone as he’s just 4 points away from becoming the sixth highest total scorer in NBA history.

On March 16th Dirk closed the gap on this achievement to just to just field goals. After catching fire midway through the fourth quarter he poured in 10 points, 6 of which came from back-to-back three-pointers. It looked as if everyone in the American Airlines Center was in for a treat. With the Mavericks holding a comfortable lead most of the game the crowd cheered for Dirk to take every shot in the remaining five minutes of the game.

Whether the screaming fans were just too much for Dirk or he was gassed he finished the game with 5 missed shots. When asked about his shot not falling late in the game, he attributed it to being “tired” as he played 29 minutes double his average playing time this season.

Expect Dirk to shake off the cold streak and pass Wilt early in the 1st quarter. Hopefully, he does it in ultimate Dirk fashion on a one-legged fadeaway jumper from the elbow with a sold out American Airlines Arena screaming for him.

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