Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury talk about their upcoming fight


Los Angelos (November 28, 2018)- Deontay Wilder will be fighting Tyson Fury on Saturday, December 1st at the Staples Center. Wilder comes into this match with an undefeated record of 40-0 with 39 knockouts.

On Wednesday, Wilder spoke about the fight and what this fight means to him.

“This is going to be an amazing event. I’ve been so happy in my camp and in my life. Everything has come together. I’m just so happy to be here fighting at STAPLES Center and ready to bring the stars out for this special fight.

“I cannot wait for this fight. The time is coming. Only three days now. Can you feel the energy? The two best heavyweights in the world are right here. This is a moment that I’ve waited for my entire career. This is my time. Tyson Fury had his time.“What I care about is showing people what I’m all about it. I’m showing you each and every time and I’m giving you a knockout.  America has a mighty man in me. America has the worst man on the planet.”

Wilder has a very unorthodox style of fighting. He throws a lot of punches that are seen as haymakers, but when he connects, he can do some damage to his opponents.

While Wilder has the fight, title, and everyone in his corner, Tyson Fury is the underdog and have something to prove. He is also undefeated with a 27-0 but has not had a recent knock out in a couple of years. Here is his take on the upcoming match.

“It is my anniversary today. It’s been three years since I went to Germany and beat Wladimir Klitschko all over Dusseldorf to becoming heavyweight champion. I’m only three days away from doing the same to the ‘Bronze Bomber’.

“We’ve had a fantastic training camp. We’ve put nine weeks in. I can’t remember a better training camp. We’ve had no injuries and fantastic sparring. I’m here to do a job and enjoy myself. “I hope the boxing fans around the world are going to enjoy this as much as I will. I’ve looked forward to this fight since 2011. On Saturday night, I’m going to finally get my chance to punch him in the face. Deontay Wilder is getting knocked out.

“It’s been a long, hard road. I had many obstacles in the way. My absence from the ring has been well documented, but it’s made me stronger and more determined. I’ve never been as happy during a training camp as I was in this one.”

With both fighters undefeated, it will be interesting to see what fighter will come out and be the aggressor. Fury likes to be patient and will set up opponents with a jab combination, while Wilder will push the issue of working the body and making sure opponents do not get too close to him with.

Both fighters have proven that they can take punches and can recover from it. This should be an epic fight between these two fighters.