Del Rio Focused on Broncos Not Past

J Burroughs
Jack Del Rio Las Vegas Raiders Report

Like many in Raider Nation, Oakland head coach Jack Del Rio would rather forget about last week’s loss in Washington and instead focus on his division rival the Denver Broncos.

When asked about lessons learned from the Redskins loss at Wednesday’s press conference, Del Rio didn’t pull punches.

“We’re not worried about what happened in the past, we’re looking forward toward Denver,” Del Rio said.

When quizzed on David Carr’s uncharacteristic performance, Del Rio again gave the media the stop sign.

“We’re focused on Denver,” Del Rio said before moving to the next question.

On the subject of the Broncos and defensive start Von Miller, Del Rio’s experience coaching him while with Denver means he knows his team has to be ready to deal with him.

“I spent three seasons over there and he’s a talented player,” Del Rio said. “We’re going to have to deal with him just like they have to deal with our guy (Khalil Mack). The fact they have a good rushing defense, along with real sticky coverage, and it’s going to be a tough test for us.”

Carr took to the podium and did address last week’s game before also focusing on Denver as well.

“As my brother said, it was an anomaly,” Carr said. “I was pressing and trying to do too much. Nothing surprised me it was just a bad game.”

As far as facing the improved and tough Denver defense, Carr said it will push the Raiders to play at their best.

“I have a lot of respect for those guys,” Carr said. “Being in our division, we see them a lot, obviously. When Von Miller steps to the end of the line and I see him, I’m reminded he’s there but that’s what I want. I want us to face the best.”

The Broncos rank just behind the Raiders in overall defense so far in the young NFL season. The game, which is always important due to divisional race implications, takes on even bigger meaning with both having last in Week 3. The loser will fall two games behind a very hot and confident Kansas City Chiefs team – if you believe the Chiefs will take down the Redskins.