Intriguing Performances From Day 2 of March Madness

NCAA National Championship

March Madness continues to bring the madness in day 2 of the men’s tournament and day 1 of the women’s tournament! There was the inevitable 12 seed over a 5 seed upset on the men’s side but none women and 1 seeds cruising past 16 seeds. This list will compile intriguing performances on the second day of the madness. Sorry dominant performances like UCONN over Towson aren’t here.

Oklahoma Men’s Basketball

If you wrote Oklahoma off after Trae Young went pro then there might be a bit of egg on your face. Not only did they make it back to the tournament, but they made it to the round of 32. The eighth seed clobbered Ole Miss 95 – 72. Their starters were electric combining for 79 o their team’s points while the entire team shot .576/.462/.808 for the game.

Texas Tech Defense

Texas Tech came into the tournament with the best defense in the country and will no doubt leave the best. The Red Raiders practically shut out Northern Kentucky from three. They forced them into tough shots and one of their worst shooting games of the season all while committing 9 fouls.

Lower Seeded Women’s teams

In 2014 the men’s Mercer team pulled off an upset as a 15 seed against Duke and the women nearly repeated that on Friday. Mercer played an efficient game only committing three turnovers while forcing Iowa to commit 24. Mercer’s defense screamed Cinderella story collecting 18 steals during the game. It was too bad Megan Gustafson’s 30 points and 16 rebounds didn’t want to hear it.

Rice nearly sent Marquette’s women’s team down the same path as the men’s team. In regulation, the duo of Erica Ogwumike and Nancy Mulkey combined for 40 of Rice’s points 54 points. The 12 seed roughed Marquette up before going cold in overtime.

Bucknell rocked FSU’s boat all over the place but not enough to sink it. Not much separated either team in the box score except an insane rebound differential in favor of the Seminoles. Bucknell played a strong team game scoring majority of their points on 14 assists and applying pressure on the other team resulting in 16 turnovers.

Drake played Missouri to a stalemate all the way through overtime. If it wasn’t for a “questionable” call with .5 seconds left on a clock we’d see a Drake Iowa matchup on Sunday. A heartbreaking loss for a team that mirrored Missouri’s efforts in every way possible.

Buffalo women’s team gave the men’s team a blueprint on how to get a first-round win. Both teams won in style but the committee considered only the women’s team the underdog. Everyone knows it’s not about the size of the dog but about the fight and boy do they have a lot of it. They beat Rutgers by double digits outperforming them in every category except steals.

Oregon’s Athleticism

Oregon did everything right in this sensible 12 over 5 upset. They couldn’t have asked for a better matchup either. Their athletes were unmatched around the rim as Kenny Wooten swatted shot after shot. They even forced Wisconsin into shooting in the low 30s from the field and 20% from beyond the arc.

UC Irvine Basketball

UC Irvine came into the tournament riding a 16 game winning streak and didn’t end on day 2. The wave washed over K state as both teams fought to the end of regulation. To add a little icing on the madness cake this is the 13 seed’s first NCAA tournament win in school history so congratulations are in order.

Late Night Upsets

Ohio State, Liberty, and UCF all had upsets with subprime time starts. Late game heroics from Caleb Homesley sent Liberty over Mississippi state. The immovable object Tacko Fall protected the rim the only way a man who’s just 6 inches from being eight foot can. Ohio State might have the least glamorous win from any team on Friday but when you live to dance again who cares. Just remember to tell your grandparents who won these games because they most certainly didn’t stay up long enough to watch these games.

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