Dallas Suffers Loss Against Resilient Phoenix Team

Allen Pettigrew
Dallas Wings

Dallas fell to the Phoenix Mercury 69-64. The 5 point loss marks a three game losing streak, the second longest streak of the Wings’ season. The team’s next game is tomorrow against the Los Angeles Sparks. But before we tackle that back-to-back game let’s dive into the takeaways from the Mercury game.

Wings Still Winless on the Road

The Wings had a rough start to this season leaving fans waiting until the sixth game of the season to get a win. Now halfway through the season, the Wings are 5-12 and not a single one of their wins has come on the road.

They’re not being outclassed in most games even though their worst wins have been on the road. They’ve played close games, especially of late. If a few shots bounce the right way or the defense gets an extra stop, this game ends much differently. On court confidence for the Wings is at an all-time high. Their 8 game road losing streak may end sooner than later.

Kaela Davis Coming on Strong

Davis had a quiet game overall. She played defense at a high level, ran Dallas’ second team, and exploded for 9 points on the fourth quarter.

She set the quarter a blaze not only going on two separate scoring runs by herself but tightening her handle. In three quarters she turned the ball over twice. After a slip up in the first minute, Davis played a safe game while keeping Dallas close down the stretch.

Kayla Thorton is DeWanna Bonner’s Kryptonite

Thorton is a special defender, and that’s obvious on most nights but she shines the brightest against the Mercury. She becomes a wet blanket smothering her charge. Her charge on Wednesday, DeWanna Bonner and she felt all of it.

Her defensive coverage on one of the league’s top players has been elite all season. Bonner’s now shooting a combined 4-21 against Dallas and Thorton has her fingerprints all over that stat. Two of Bonner’s lowest scoring totals have come against Dallas, a combined 19 points.

The budding two way star’s strength is an obvious factor in her coverage. Thorton truly has the league’s leading scorer’s number this season and boy is incredible to see. 

Glory Johnson reaches new heights

Johnson is still being worked into her role since coming back from EuroLeague play. The versatile forward is averaging a shade above 25 minutes a game and is having a heavy effect on the Wing’s hustle stats.

All that hustle and heart are coming up roses as Johnson grabbed her 1500th rebound. The loss makes the achievement bittersweet but still a feat that few others have accomplished. She’s now the 44th players in NBA history to have the honor.

Arike continues her double digit scoring streak

Rookie extraordinaire, Arike Ogunbowale racked up another 10+ point game. On a current ten game double digit scoring streak, she’s proving that she’s one of the league’s best scoring threats. The only downside to this game’s scoring total, she shot below 30% from the field.

Ogunbowale gets her shot off in a variety of ways against her opponents but they’re not always the most efficient. This game in particular her shot just didn’t fall at the rate most would like it to. 6-22 isn’t what the doctor asked for but her confidence is clear something that everyone can get behind as she improves her arsenal.