Kayla Thornton’s Career High Withers In Loss

Allen Pettigrew

Dallas continues their winless streak as they lose 72-76 to the Indiana Fever. The short-handed Wings played with new energy on both sides of the ball. While the ball stuck on the perimeter in previous games Dallas pushed their way into the paint time and time again.

Powered by Allisha Gray and Kayla Thornton, the quick-paced Dallas Wings would shoot the lights out to begin the game. They sank 4 of the team’s first 5 shot attempts. They’d continue to be the driving offensive force for the Wings.

Though they didn’t convert many fast break points, they used their defense to get the opportunities on the break. With every turnover, they forced they made it their business to barrel towards the basket in search of free throws or a layup.

Midway through the second quarter mental lapses peppered Dallas’ half-court defensive sets. In turn, the Fever’s shooters were open to pour on a 10 point lead. Dallas would respond with a run capped off by Thornton’s last-second three-pointer that brought the Wings within 3 points of the lead going into halftime.

Using the momentum of Thornton’s shot, the Wings continued to be aggressive. It would lead to one of Dallas’ best quarters and the most turnover-laden. For every field goal, they made they gave the ball away. The lead once 3 is now 11 and Dallas heads into the final frame.

New Life

In route to playing their best game to date, the Dallas went down swinging. Battling back with clutch threes and a ramped up defensive intensity Dallas chipped at the Fever’s lead needing just three points to take it.

This game is a mixed bag for Dallas. The Wings looked vibrant, an evolution of what they produced days ago when they played the Fever at home. The added scoring pressures made Theresa Plaisance, Thornton, McGee-Stafford step up, but it wasn’t enough to recover from the Fever’s 16 offensive boards.

Dallas’ continued mental lapses on defense left opportunities on the table for Indiana. They gave several wide open threes up and free throw line jumpers with a defender nowhere near contesting. Though there are obvious things Dallas will need to work on in the coming days things are finally starting to click for the youngest team in the league.