Keys to Dallas Wings Earning Their First Win

Allen Pettigrew

The Dallas Wings begin their three game home stent on June 13th against the Indiana Fever. Still, on the hunt for their first win, Dallas will have a tall task to change their current misfortunes. With two of their lead ball handlers likely out for Thursday’s game, they must lean in on their size and defense. Here are just a few things that Dallas will need to do to make their win column a little heavier.

Limit Kelsey Mitchell’s Touches

Dallas just isn’t going up against one of the highest powered offenses in the game they’re going up against one of this season’s best scorers on the season Kelsey Mitchell. The lightning-quick guard is putting up 15 points a game on 40% shooting from the field and three-point line.

She’s dangerous with the ball in her hands operating the pick and roll with the best lead guards in the league. She’s a threat on all three levels and it may be Allisha Gray’s job to slow her down.

If Gray can take away the space Mitchell needs to be a top 15 scorer in this league, they take away the Fever’s offensive leader.

Team Defense

While Gray may be tasked with shutting down Mitchell’s incoming flurry of shots, it will be on the rest of the team to cool down an extraordinary cast. This hot group of ballplayers unleashes 83 points a game on the league. Efficiency is their middle name as they lead the league in all but two offensive categories.

The Fever has six players who score in double figures, 4 of them are guards. The Wings will have patrol the perimeter past the three-point line to ward off the best three-point shooting team in the league. It wasn’t obvious in their last matchup but Dallas has plenty of length to apply pressure to the Fever’s smaller guards.

Isabelle Harrison will have to continue her block party to supply paint protection from two double-digit scoring bigs. The energy Harrison and Imani McGee-Stanford bring will be everything the Wings need to not only keep bigs at bay but their guards as well.

Secure the boards

Neither team is a rebounding powerhouse this early in the season. Dallas ranks eighth while Indiana is ninth but they differ greatly on the offensive boards. Their +4 differential could be the difference between a close win or a loss.

Dallas has the size advantage, combined with their athleticism they can limit second-chance opportunities. Most importantly each rebound is an opportunity for Dallas to take attack on the break something they haven’t done much of this season.