Cowherd: Raiders a “Dumpster Fire” in 2018?

Colin Cowherd oakland Raiders

National television and radio host Colin Cowherd again directed criticism and doubt on how the 2018 Oakland Raiders – and Jon Gruden – will do this coming season.

Colin Cowherd is not a big fan of the Oakland Raiders bringing Jon Gruden back to the sidelines.

Cowherd, on his Fox Sports 1 television/radio program, listed his Top 10 NFL teams that could become a “dumpster fire” this coming season.

Cowherd listed the Raiders as the team with the best chance of becoming dysfunctional in 2018. The reasoning: Gruden’s long layoff from coaching, the “poorest owner,” stadium issues, etc.

What he meant by “poorest owner” is unknown but if his intent was to talk about the financial condition of the team, he may have missed the Forbes report that shows the Raiders ranked #34 on the list of Top 50 valued sports franchises in the world. – including an increase of $1 billion in value since the announced relocation to Las Vegas. Not to mention the windfall coming to the team when the move is executed.

Stadium issues might refer to the tenuous and uncomfortable situation with the Raiders playing in Oakland in 2019. The team has yet to iron out lease agreements with Oakland for their last season before the relocation to Nevada.

Cowherd is an entertainer so his listing the Raiders as the top “dumpster fire” worthy team may be just a smart ploy to whip Raider Nation into a frenzy. With a passionate – and loud – fanbase, the Raiders are always a target as it’s relatively easy to drive viewers, listeners, and clicks hating on the Silver and Black. People either love the Raiders or hate the Raiders and Cowherd has been brilliant at playing into that.

He’s not alone in his assessment about Gruden. Even Gruden himself knows there’s a large set of the media and football insiders who also think he will struggle with his return to coaching after the long layoff.