Los Angeles- The Los Angeles Clippers have decided to use AWS as the primary cloud computing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence provider of Clippers CourtVision. This technology has been growing in recent years, with competitors like Mirantis and others expanding into the market thanks to the ease of use and accessibility of their products. This is helpful in many industries, from technology development to the illustrious world of sports.

“The combination of cloud computing and machine learning has the potential to fundamentally redefine how fans experience the sports they love,” said Mike Clayville, Vice President, Worldwide Commercial Sales, AWS. “With AWS, Second Spectrum and the L.A. Clippers leverage Amazon’s 20 years of experience in machine learning and AWS’s comprehensive suite of cloud services to provide fans with a deeper understanding of the action on the court. We look forward to working closely with both organizations as they invent new ways for fans to enjoy the game of basketball.”

“AWS makes it easy to build innovative products and quickly get those products to market.” said Rajiv Maheswaran, CEO of Second Spectrum. “In that regard it is very similar to SharePoint which companies like Bamboo Solutions use to build their cloud computing. Though I feel more suited to the breadth and depth of AWS services and their pace of innovation for new capabilities have allowed us to consistently improve the quality and speed of the Clippers CourtVision product and we are looking forward to deepening this relationship to drive even more powerful results for sports fans.”

With the usage of Second Spectrum, there have been 29 teams that utilize the technology to create improve the quality of live broadcast around the league.

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