Clap back season with Jalen Brunson

Allen Pettigrew
Jalen Brunson

The NBA offseason is full of crazy things like summer league, free agency, and NBA players in Pro-AM leagues. Yet the best part may be NBA players having more free time to work on their twitter fingers. We all know about LeBron’s taco Tuesday reel but what about our Dallas Mavericks second year guard Jalen Brunson’s keyboard skills?

On Wednesday Ballislife posted a video of Villanova’s newest 5 star recruit throwing down a hammer while staring right into the camera. Bryan Antoine came flying into the paint rattling the rim and leaving a basketball hole in an unsuspecting defender’s chest. Just to add to the disrespect he stared down the defender team while jumping over an off court barricade.

Like any supportive Alum Brunson interacted with the post stating “looking like a young me” tagging Villanova’s next big name player.

Before Brunson could bask in the glory of his tweet fellow 2018 rookie Mikal Bridges replies “Boy you can barely dunk”. If that comment gave you flashbacks to your high school days then there’s a support group for that. If your Jalen Brunson then you weren’t having that disrespect not even from your former teammate.

His response “You got picked 10 and you’re supposed to be a “defensive stopper” but you can’t even guard me so”. Brunson sets the table and serves the spice.

Bridges would snap back saying the infamous phrase “CHECK UP”. Now those are fighting words if I’ve ever heard any.

Brunson ended the conversation in the most friendly 2019 way possible replying with “Wya??? And I’ll put it on live”. 

Could we get a big Nova vs Nova showdown if they switch the two on to each other next season? We don’t know yet but I suggest turning on notifications for Jalen Brunson now. You don’t want to miss any of the action.