Los Angeles- Chris Taylor, Matt Beaty, and Will Smith will participate with the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation on Friday, May 31st with celebrating a huge accomplishment with over 1,000 students who have exposed a special curriculum this past year that forged connections between math, science, and baseball.

“As a part of a new five-year strategic plan, LADF is planning new and significant investments in STEM education,” said Nichol Whiteman, Chief Executive Officer, Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation. “We know that a quality STEM education will provide access and opportunity for youth throughout their college and career paths and we want to use the power of baseball to help create excitement around these important subjects.”

The LADF Science of Baseball curriculum was launched in the Inglewood Unified School District in 2018 and trained 22 teachers to implement the curriculum in 3rd-5th-grade classrooms at Bennet-Kew Elementary, Worthington Elementary, and Woodworth Elementary Schools. The program focuses on improving math and science standards.

“We are so thrilled to be partnering with the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation to bring this innovative and fun STEM curriculum to our students,” said Ugema Hosea James, Executive Director, Elementary Education, Inglewood Unified School District. “Using baseball to teach fundamental concepts is engaging, builds student appreciation, and brings important math and science standards to life.”

“The curriculum was created with a grant from LADF to the Science of Sport, a non-profit foundation dedicated to developing curriculum and programming that promotes science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  The curriculum is aligned with Next Generation Science Standards and developed by Dr. Ricardo Valerdi, founder and Chief Scientist of Science of Sport, and an engineering professor at the University of Arizona and West Point”