Catching up with the SUGAR MAN Shane Mosley Jr

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Las Vegas, NV – Vegas Sports Daily recently had a chance to take in a portion of rising middleweight contender Shane Mosley Jr.’s training camp in Las Vegas. The 28-year-old son of former lightweight, welterweight and junior middleweight world champion Sugar Shane Mosley is preparing for his next bout which will be his 18th professional prizefight, and is scheduled to take place next month in Kansas City, Missouri.

 “This is what I chose to do, this is what I chose as my career.  Yes, my Dad did it, but I chose it as my career, so it’s mine (own career).” Shane Mosley Jr.

Fresh off of a very successful run in the Contender series in which he just came up short, dropping a tough decision in the finale against Brian Adams, who himself recently challenged for a portion of the middleweight title, ultimately losing a unanimous decision to Jermall Charlo in Houston.


“I still have to build. I’m just building right now.” Shane Mosley Jr. 

Working with the well-respected Justin Gamber out of the highly-regarded City Boxing Gym in Las Vegas, Mosley described own his experience competing in the Contender series accordingly: “That whole experience, like fighting, winning, and then having to go and do it all over again (a few days later) a lot of times, guys will fight, then relax. Like ‘Yo I’m done, the fights over,’ because, you know, in the pros you fight, and then maybe you’ll have a few months, maybe a year, some guys. It depends, you kind of decompress. But with that (the unique set up of the Contender series) I was fighting (again) in like a week, or a couple days. So, I had to get right back on it, I had to stay in that mind frame… Some guys aren’t used to that, some guys are, me and Brandon, were.”

This assertion by the younger Mosley was accurate and well taken, as this reporter is well versed in the repetitive and routine spartan life of a fighter in training camp. Equally demanding and disorienting is the unique set-up of the Contender series that required the combatants to be thrown into a fighter-trainer relationship with a coach that nine times out of ten they are not familiar with, and may not mesh with stylistically, as well as being forced to share living quarters with a house full of other men with the same life-altering goal in mind, in a home with their potential (read: eventual) opponents.

“You are gonna see a man putting his life on the line. A fight for his life.” -Shane Mosley Jr. 

When asked the question that has been asked of him since he first made the decision to climb through the ropes and ply his trade as a professional pugilist in the prizefighting ranks, the Sugar Man simply stated “This is what I chose to do, this is what I chose as my career.  Yes, my Dad did it, but I chose it as my career, so it’s mine (own career).” For a man that could have just as easily been walking down a runway in Milan, New York, or Paris instead of trading punches for the entertainment of others, you have our utmost respect Mr. Mosley.

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