Carr Ranks Highest in Deep Pass Accuracy

J Burroughs
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Derek Carr haters might not be happy after Pro Football Focus breaks down the Raiders franchise quarterback’s accuracy over 20 yards.

Since his season-ending injury in 2016, many detractors have asserted Raiders quarterback Derek Carr can’t throw deep, or won’t throw deep.

Yet, statistically speaking, they are wrong — according to our friends over at Pro Football Focus.

Carr ranked tops in accuracy over 20 yards according to the latest PFF analysis. When looking at accuracy (explanation of their evaluation process) over 20 yards, Carr ranked the highest of all NFL quarterbacks in 2018 with a score of 52.3%. That’s the second-highest ranking ever behind the Seahawk’s Russel Wilson’s 55.6% in 2016, and ahead of Carr’s 2016 number of 51.1% in 2016.

Yes, Carr has two of the top three scores ever. Granted, PFF has only tabulated the scores for three years, but its telling.

Image: Pro Football Focus

“The Raiders’ signal caller tops this list no doubt to the surprise of many, but the reality is that Carr has always shown well on his deep pass attempts,” said Mark Chichester of PFF. “Now that he’s armed with Antonio Brown and deep threat Tyrell Williams, Carr could very well reappear on this list this time next year.”

The addition of those weapons, and being completely healthy, is sure to see Derek Carr continue the trend.

Still, something tells me Carr haters will find a way to deny its analysis anyway.