Bryant Back in the Silver and Black

martavis bryant oakland raiders

After Martavis Bryant was acquired for a third-round pick during the 2018 NFL draft, many criticized the Raiders for making the deal. When they finally cut him after the final preseason game, there were lots of “I told you” so’s. Now, Bryant has reportedly signed a one-year deal to play in Oakland.

The reports of talented but troubled wide receiver Martavis Bryant being suspended by the NFL for the 2018 season were greatly exaggerated. Still, the player’s status with the NFL is unknown so a suspension is not out of the question. ESPN reported this weekend that Bryant was facing the aforementioned one year ban.

martavis bryant oakland raiders

Bryant is a Raider again after just 10 days.

According to a report from the Las Vegas Review-Journal tonight, and also echoed by several national writers, the team has agreed to a one-year contract with Bryant who could be on the field for the Raiders as they travel to Denver this weekend.

The Raiders had trouble getting any deep passes in their 33-13 loss to the Rams on Monday night. The team’s top three wideouts were targeted just nine times and his speed and ability to get open deep could be a welcomed addition.

We’ll continue to follow the story and add details as they become available.