Bruce Arians wants more positions available for women in the NFL

Vegas– With the “Make America Great” phrase for some Americans, very few individuals noticed that there is a slight change within sports. There are more women that are breaking the barriers of sexism at the pro level. Jen Welter was the first woman that broke the stereotype in the NFL becoming the first woman to coach in the NFL with the Arizona Cardinals. Behind Welter was Collette Smith, who was the first African American woman to coach in the NFL; Smith coached the New York Jets.

Head Coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Bruce Arians has always pushed the envelope with thinking outside of the box and giving candidates an opportunity to showcase their skills. Arians staff is very diverse and a couple of weeks ago during the Combine, Arians told a group of women at the third annual Women’s Career in Football Forum, “You have to go with the job that you want. You have to beat down the doors and send your resume for the roles that you desire”, said Arians.

Arians sprung an announcement for the world to hear. There will be an opening for a full-time position for women who coaches on his team. He did not give a date, but he said, “Don’t be surprised if that position was filled this season.”

There have been more women who are behind the scenes that have helped the NFL in a big way but rarely do you see women of any magnitude coaching on the sideline in the NFL. This could be a huge game changer with getting more women into full-time positions and stressing the importance of equality.


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