EXCLUSIVE: New Raiders Stadium Potential Seating and Pricing

Scott Winter
Las Vegas Raiders Stadium PSL
Here’s an exclusive look at the VVIP lounge that would be located behind the Raiders bench.

BREAKING: The Las Vegas Raiders Report has obtained potential pricing and seating configurations for the new Las Vegas Stadium – future home of the Raiders. This includes initial pricing of Personal Seat Licenses (PSLs) as well as per ticket pricing as well.

Over the past few month the Oakland Raiders have been running a number of focus groups and surveys on the design, layout, seating and pricing structure for season tickets and seating configurations for games in the new $1.9 Billion Las Vegas Stadium.

The latest survey was sent to Las Vegas Stadium PSL deposit holders and hosted by Legends, a company partially owned by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

The Las Vegas Raiders Report were able to get a copy of the survey and our information below comes from the survey and is subject to change. This gives our readers, and Raider Nation, a glimpse into what the final pricing and configuration for the new stadium could be.

First, the survey gave some insight into the payment structure for fans looking to purchase PSLs before the 2020 season.

There were three payment options on PSLs listed in the survey:

  • Pay in full up front and receive a 6% discount.
  • Pay in three equal installments before the stadium opens
  • Pay 30% down and finance the rest over five years at 6% interest.

The stadium map below presents three potential Club Seat locations that could be available at the new Raiders stadium in Las Vegas, located in the first level between the 10-yard lines.

  • VVIP Club Seats, located between the 40-yard lines,
  • First Level Sideline Prime Club Seats located between the 40-yard lines and 25-yard lines, and
  • First Level Sideline Club Seats located between the 25-yard lines and 10-yard lines.
Las Vegas Raiders Las Vegas Stadium seating

Here’s a look at the VVIP and other premium seating levels proposed for the Raiders new stadium in Las Vegas

VVIP, and Lower level Club seats.

If you decide to spend roughly $20,000+ a piece average for a PSL, and anywhere from $300 to $450 a seat per game, then you can expect some of the best amenities available in all of professional sports. Wider and more cushioned seats, VIP only entrance, on site parking, access to the club lounge and upscale food and beverage, etc. Of course, you would also have the right to purchase playoff tickets and other prime events like the Super Bowl, concerts, etc.

The VVIP section is the lower level between the 40 yard lines. This section has its own club at the field level pictured below:

Las Vegas Raiders Stadium PSL

Here’s an exclusive look at the VVIP lounge that would be located behind the Raiders bench.

The Lower Level Sideline seats are located between the 10 and 40 yard lines, and have their own club section at the top of the lower level, pictured below:

Las Vegas Raiders Stadium lounge

Non Club Seating Available on All Levels

The average PSL price for a non club seat is going to be between $2500 to $3500 for the lower level. These seats cover the sideline from the 10 yard line and wrap around to the opposite 10 yard line. Season ticket prices here could range from $150 to $200 per game, plus there could be a special end zone fan section similar to the current Black Hole.

In the upper levels PSL prices are looking more in the $1000 to $3000. The seating and pricing listed here are for the second and third levels, and vary greatly depending on location. Season tickets in these levels can be as low as $50 per game up to $150 per game.

Las Vegas Stadium PSL seating prices

Non-club level PSLs and prices will be far less and start at about $1,000.

Early in 2018, a stadium preview center will open – expected to be in the Raiders new retail outlet – at Town Square, a retail mall on the south Las Vegas Strip. Potential PSL buyers can preview their seats in virtual reality. Note: everything listed here is from the current survey and subject to change. PSL and ticket prices are expected to be finalized shortly after the Raiders and Las Vegas Stadium Authority sign a development agreement, which is expected in early February 2018.