Heather Hardy: “Boxing is like that bad boyfriend.”


“It should change, Yes. We should be doing all the things the boys are including getting that damn money.” – Heather Hardy

PRO boxer Heather “ The Heat” Hardy has an upcoming fight with Amanda Serrano.  The fight is being dubbed  the  Women Boxing Super Fight.  Streaming LIVE on DAZN, Friday, Sept 13th   at Madison Square Garden.  In the Hulu theatre.

The ladies have similar stories they both are from Brooklyn , they’re single mothers and they both are coming off an MMA bout.

In the interview she talks about her reasons on why she went to MMA and why she is  back with boxing,   life with her 15 yr old daughter, training schedule at Gleasons and Di Bella.

Heather currently holds 2 division champion belts.  In which she actually received, in one of the  1st  televised womens boxing match in 20 yrs.  Heather is 22 -0,  and she is fighting to keep her  featherweight title.

Heather has been instrumental in changing the boxing world for women.  She has been very vocal in getting womens boxing on national tv.


Jenny Sushe: Do you train for 3 min rounds?

Heather Hardy: The bell at Gleasons is set for 3 min, we all train 3 min

JS: What are your thoughts on a 2 min vs 3 min round?

Heather Hardy: 2 min rounds are more exciting because it presses the action- but leaves less room for a KO with less time.

JS: Do you think that should change?

HH: It should change, YES. We should be doing all the things the boys are including getting the DAMN money!



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