Boxers under 25, Who are some of the Best?

Teofimo Lopez
Teofimo Lopez
photo credit Via Mikey Williams top Rank/Getty Images


There’s been a saying in Boxing for the better part of two decades we’ve all heard it. “Boxing is Dead” Well if it’s dead it’s been the longest death as I started hearing this in High School and I’m now 32. What is true is that Boxing has taken a hit with so many missed fights and fighters choosing less of a challenge for the most money they can make at times. There’s also been the over marination of fights where one or both fighters lost prior to their meeting. Now I know Boxing has gone through a rough patch, but the future looks bright.


I along with many respected Boxing minds put together a list of what was supposed to be a top 10 of Boxers 25 and under, but due to a 4 way tie it ended up being a top 13 list. The fact that the list ended up being 13 shows the depth of the youth and also some fighters I’m high on didn’t make the list. As a whole we came up with 24 different names and that came down to a top 13, so there’s many fighters out there.


Here is the list and no it is not a 13 to 1 it’s a list of no particular order: Devin Haney, Jarron “Boots” Ennis, David Benavidez, Chris Colbert, Edgar Berlanga, Jared” Big Baby” Anderson, Jaime Munguia, Charles “Bad News” Conwell, Teofimo Lopez, Elvis Rodriguez, Ryan Garcia, Shakur Stevenson, and Vergil Ortiz Jr. Click the video to see photos of hear a more in depth give on each fighter. A couple things with all these fighters is they are both undefeated and have been tested in their careers. The saying Boxing is dead is being tested lately, but as Former HBO Boxing Commentator once said, “Nothing can kill boxing and nothing can save Boxing.” With this young group of fighters, we may see a turn of the corner in Boxing being spotlighted again.

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