AUDIO: The Life and Demise of Raiders Great Lyle Alzado

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Our CBS Sports Radio 1140 show for June 30, 2019, also includes: Could quarterback Derek Carr or wide receiver Antonio Brown win the 2019 NFL MVP award? We ask the question: what signature stadium food item does Raider Nation think will land in the new Las Vegas Stadium in 2020?

Raiders legend, Lyle Alzado was one of the most intimidating football players of all time. An animal on the field – a one-man wrecking crew. Due to his sheer viciousness on the gridiron, he is the only player to have an NFL rule named after him.

Off the field, however, he was a picture of contradictions: prone to rages and abrupt acts of violence, he was also known for his compassionate work with mentally and physically challenged children.

Jim Duffner was one of Alzado’s closest friends and he joined us to talk about the colorful life and sad ending of this Raiders legend and his new book.

Jim Duffner shares the story of how Alzado saved his life during a bar fight and how it led to them being lifelong friends.

PLUS: Can Derek Carr or Antonio Brown be the NFL MVP in 2019? And we ask Raider Nation about what signature food we will see at the new Las Vegas Stadium in 2020.

BUY: Duffner’s page-turner, The Lyle Alzado Story 77: Nobody’s Invincible, is available on The book chronicles his friendship and has amazing Alzado stories you won’t want to miss.

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