AUDIO: Silver & Black Tonight 1/7/20 – NFL Officiating Bias vs. Raiders Proven? Plus: Mario Tovar

Chaz Osborne
raiders nfl officials bias ethical skeptic

Our first Silver and Black Tonight show of 2020 was a great one. Ethical Skeptic joined us to go over his research and study on Raiders bias in the NFL and Raider Ramble’s Mario Tovar was our guest as well.

Long-held as a belief amongst members of #RaiderNation is that the #NFL has a bias against the team. That bias often is reflected in officiating and penalties that go against the #Raiders. Is there now data and proof of such a bias?

Our guest, Ethical Skeptic, will tell us what he found and it’s hard to argue that bias isn’t real. You can read our in-depth write up here.

Plus: Mario Tovar of Raider Ramble talks Derek Carr, the draft, and more.

nfl officiating raiders bias ethical skeptic
Ethical Skeptic laid out a compelling case with proof of how the Raiders are treated differently than any other team in the NFL.

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