Around the League: Fantasy Focus

We’re going to cover division outlook and go over some fantasy football as this last week of preseason winds down. Time to buckle down and get ready for the real football to begin.

Tom Brady
Tom Brady is always a fantasy lock.

AFC EAST. Really? Patriots first, second, third and fourth – and probably conference championship game again. However the only two guys in the entire division in a Pats jersey worth drafting early are Tom Brady and Gronk. The Dolphins have a few guys that are going to be solid but injury concerns leave them off my draft board (not to mention Jay Cutler is the QB for this team). Ajayi could be great but I don’t think drafting him as early as he’s going is good value considering you’ll probably only have him for 10-11 games this year. And Landry is catching passes from Cutler, I’m out. The Bills have no one on their roster I care to gamble on other than their DST. And the J-E-T-S, JETS JETS JETS!!!! Absolutely nothing I would touch if you gave me my buy in back before we drafted.

AFC NORTH. Pittsburg will probably win the division again but only because they can score 35 a game. Ben Roethlisberger is a question mark mentally and health wise. Brown and Bell are no brainers. The Baltimore Ravens can contend with a healthy and focused Flacco but that’s their only chance. Maybe take a flyer on Maclin if you can get him after round 13. The Bengals will be solid but unless Mccarron is throwing game passes they will be 2nd or 3rd place. Green, Mixon, and the DST are good enough for me to draft them. The mistake by the lake will be last place but Coleman and Kizer could be surprise draft day steals.

AFC SOUTH. The Texans period. Savage and Watson can win with this roster, and they both might be good enough to beat the Pats in the playoffs. If Hopkins hand/wrist injury isn’t that serious he’ll be a top 5 wideout again. Don’t draft Miller. The Colts have zero anything I would draft including Andrew Luck and most likely another high draft pick incoming. The Jaguars: nothing. Tennessee has a shot to be really good. But everyone is talking about them and drafting them way to early. Second and third place finish and let the other guys in your draft take them to early so you can stockpile value picks.

Demaryius Thomas
Demaryius Thomas is worth a high pick. Courtesy: Denver Post

AFC WEST. I’m going with the Broncos first, Chargers second, the Raiders third (dangerous prediction when working for a Raiders site!) and the Chiefs fourth. So much fantasy value in this division it’s ridiculous. Except for the Chiegs, just don’t draft any. Siemian could be a solid late round quarterback if you couldn’t get one early. And Demaryius Thomas is a great third wideout. CJ will be back with a vengeance, great value pick third or fourth round. Rivers is a steal every year. And all of the big three in Oakland are worth early draft picks. Just don’t draft any running back on the Silver and Black.

NFC EAST. Eagles win this one. The only two guys guy I’d draft from Philly however is Wentz and Zak. Second place Giants again. Shepard should be a WR3 with WR2 upside, and OBJ is OBJ. The Washington Racial Slurs should win about six or seven games but I’d only draft Kelley. The Cowboys are gonna score a million fantasy points and lose a lot of games.

NFC NORTH. Um I’m thinking Green Bay again in my surprise prediction of the year. Draft them all high and early. The bird killing Vikings can win a bunch of games this year but I’m not drafting any offensive players. Da Bears are interesting. Kevin White could be good. Howard could be really good, and the kid they drafted to play QB that didn’t know what a snap count was actually might be able to play football. And the last place Lions only draft-worthy guys are Matthew Stafford and Tate.

NFC SOUTH. It’s not uncommon for this division to completely flip flop from year to year. So New Orleans first, the Atlanta Falcons second, followed by Tampa Bay and the Panthers. Brees, Thomas, and even Fleener are being drafted later than they should be. Matt Ryan, Freeman, Jones, etc. just draft them all if you can get them and write off their bye week as a loss. I’d take Mighty Mouse really late if I need another running back and it’s after round 9. Other than that I want zero Buccaneers and copy that for Panthers.

David Johnson
If you have the first pick, and don’t take Johnson: just quit now.

NFC WEST. Seattle wins a tie breaker over Arizona. Just gonna get this out of the way. I won’t draft any Rams or 49’ers. Wilson and the Seattle DST is all that’s on my radar in the northwest. Palmers’ swan song could be worth a 14th or 15th round pick. If you get the first pick in your draft and you don’t draft David Johnson, you need to go get a life coach and reevaluate your day to day existence. The DST will be top 10 possibly top five.

That’s all of it. Now let’s get drafting! See you guys after Week 1.

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