Arizona Cardinals host the Almighty Oakland Raiders 11/18

Zach Harris

Phoenix, AZ (November 16, 2018) – The Arizona Cardinals host the almighty Oakland Raiders with a showdown underneath the desert sun.


Let’s face the facts and say we are all shocked at the way the season has played out for both teams. Arizona with a fresh new quarterback in Josh Rosen, the Raiders and hiring Chucky back at the helm to lead the black and silver to another championship run.


Now sitting currently as the 1st and 2nd overall picks for next year’s NFL Draft, this game has seemed to bite the bullet. Larry Fitzgerald’s everlasting legacy seemingly washing away with every game left to play, and the players losing their trust within Oakland’s locker room.


The Cardinals are creating a lackluster and mustering only a lousy 14 points per a game, compared to Oakland’s astonishing 16 points. Arizona’s offense proves to be incompetent, ranking slab deadbeat in the midst of all rankings; 236 total yards for example compared to Oakland’s monstrous 350.


Sitting out of the contest are Oakland receivers Jordy Nelson and Martavis Bryant as well Arizona’s receiver Chad Williams and safety Budda Baker.


The Cardinals host the Raiders at State Farm Field in Glendale, Arizona (November 18) slated for 2:05 PM kickoff on CBS and your local telecast.


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