Allegiant Stadium Should Offer Tasty New Game Day Fare for Raider Nation

Bacon-wrapped hot dogs and trip-tip panini from Sierra Creek Lodge at

One of the hallmarks of Raiders games throughout the years has been some of the best tailgating and culinary delights around. The eats at the Oakland Coliseum were pretty standard fare so fans are sure to be impressed by the new, more modern, and larger variety offered in the Raiders’ new home at Allegiant Stadium.

For Raider Nation, food, family, and tasty beverages are as much a part of the game-day experience as the game itself.

We ran a poll with current fans to see what their favorite food items were on game day and the overwhelming answer was the tailgating food. The in-stadium food, however, favored the bacon-wrapped hot dogs. Alcohol was a close second. Honorable mentions include BBQ, garlic fries, nachos, and jalapeno poppers.

Allegiant Stadium is set to offer a bevy of higher-class options, as well as the typical stadium food that fans have come to know and love.

Partnering with Levy Restaurants to provide a world-class hospitality experience, the Raiders are sure to have something for everyone.

Levy and the Raiders haven’t officially released the list of vendors or menu items yet but the stadium catering giant is known for satisfying the palate of fans young and old. They currently have several contracts throughout Las Vegas and offer cuisine From Michelin-starred restaurants to 100,000-seat stadiums Their website talks of Mint Juleps, fancy Italian, seafood fare, and thousands of chicken wings at over 200 venues.

With so many famous chefs making homes in Las Vegas, the stadium is sure to feature some names you might recognize. Wolfgang Puck, Emeril Lagasse, Giada de Laurentiis, Guy Fieri, and Gordon Ramsay all have locations in the town and any one of them may jump on board for the first professional football team to call the City of Sin home.

Las Vegas is a hotbed for Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Philipino, and Hawaiian food. Could options like this be available for Raiders fans at Allegiant Stadium?

Las Vegas is also a strong melting pot of cultures and culinary delights. From the strong and historic Latino community to the fastest-growing Asian and Pacific Islander community in the United States, food representing those cultures almost certainly will be woven into the new offerings inside the Allegiant Stadium. From Cuban sandwiches, street tacos, to poke and pho, the variety found at Las Vegas Raiders games could set a new standard in the NFL.

Even though the new home of the Raiders may not feature the world-class tailgating experience of old at the new Allegiant Stadium, one thing that is certain is no one will leave unsatisfied on a Sunday afternoon.

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