Aldo lays down his gloves!

Jose Aldo lays his gloves down…

Jose ALDO walks into UFC279 for his last walkout with the UFC after retiring with one fight left on his contract.

With one fight still left in his contract with the UFC, Jose Aldo decides to lay his gloves down and retire at the age of 36 after a negotiation that allowed him to vacate his contract. Having started his MMA career at the age of 17 at EcoFight 1 he has held championships in both WEC and UFC and was the first ever UFC Featherweight Champion following the WEC/UFC merger.

Photo credit Louis Grasse/UFC/Getty

Aldo is widely considered to be the greatest featherweight ever and one of the best martial artists of all-time. As of late last month he was ranked #6 in the world for UFC bantamweights and he will retire as such. Everyone wishes him the best with all his future endeavors.