A’ja Wilson’s Best Christmas Gift Yet

Allen Pettigrew

On a day where children and adults dream with visions of sugar-plums dancing in their heads. They’ll wake up to wipe the sleep from their eyes and let the excitement of the day seep in. This Christmas will be a day for family, friends, and for a lucky few seeing a dream become a reality.

Thanks to WNBA star A’ja Wilson December 25th would be tied to another amazing moment. The before mentioned lucky few got just what they wanted in the form of a black Las Vegas Aces jersey with Wilson printed on the back.

After the screams of excitement and tears of joy, the lucky receivers will dawn their treasure. Cameras begin to flash, as fingers began to dance across phones to let the world know their Christmas was a success. Those jersey wearing, “ugly crying” Aces fans would soon receive a massive cherry on top of their day. Not only would they look like their hoops hero but they’d hear from her too.

A’ja spent her Christmas reaching out to some of her biggest fans via Twitter. Her well wishes and emojis sent her fans over the moon. Proving that even small gestures mean so much more to the people who care. Her fans have acknowledged that even through Wilson’s busy schedule, family, and friends she still understands how one interaction can make their day. One mom tweeted, “It means the world to Bri…” another remark establishing the bond she possesses with basketball fans.

The same mom has followed Wilson’s career with her daughter since her high school days. Her daughter was ecstatic to get that black and gold jersey. They even went as far as calling her decision to choose the University of South Carolina over UConn the “best decision ever…”. Another fan gushed over her when asked “What makes A’ja Wilson a role model to you?” stating that “She’s very kind and outgoing. She has a huge heart. In basketball, she uses her height and abilities to be effective on the court. She’s always humble which is very admirable as well. She’s just a great player and person to watch.”

Wilson continues to show her excellence on and off the court. She’s more than an athlete she’s a true role model for people worldwide. A’ja is the star that the NBA needs. She’s a hometown hero and the entire state of South Carolina will root for her when the season starts. Especially, the young ladies in their brand new Las Vegas Aces apparel.