Los Angeles Rams: “No mistakes, could get us a win.”

Atlanta — Opening Night was not a shock for many of the Rams’ players.  The players felt like they were the team to beat this season and their confidence grew game after game. “LA is a football town and we are bringing that excitement back to our town. They deserve it, as well as our organization. We have a great group of guys that are bonded by our brotherhood, said Aronald Donald.

The Rams come into this game being the underdogs and have a chance to stop another dynasty from happening, but they have to be perfect. “We have to stay disciplined and can not turn the ball over. Our team is great and we have a lot of play makers that can make plays, but we can not make any type of mistakes. We have to stay true to ourselves and have to be patient with getting the Patriots on their heels.”

The Rams have not been the Rams as of late. They have gotten too conservative with leads that are blown in the second half, as well as played sloppy. C.J. Anderson is starting to blossom into his own. Since Gurley has been out of the line-up, Anderson has taken the majority of the snaps and has been very productive in his last four games. He has combined for a total of 466 yards and has 4 touchdowns.

The running game has been very effective thus far with helping the Rams to get to a Super Bowl appearance and this is who they are. They are a team that runs the ball pretty well and everything is based off Gurley or Anderson. If both of these players can get into their groove, it could be pretty interesting to see what plays Sean McVay would throw out there. However, Goff is known to have a “Gunslinger” mentality at times and throw the ball in tight coverage. Goff will have some shots down the field throughout the game, but he has to understand that take what the defense gives you and not go after the knock out punch early.

“We will take our shots down the field, but we have to win on the offensive end of things. We need to make sure that we secure the ball because the Patriots are known to cause a fumble or punch the ball out. We can not make any mistakes, because it is hard to win a game against them if mistakes are caused.”

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