Super Bowl LV

Ammie Thurman


As we all expected Super Bowl LV was a bit different than others in the past, Covid 19 restrictions caused this one to be more low key with many requirements in place to ensure the health and safety of the football players and all of the amazing fans visiting the beautiful city of Tampa.  The Super Bowl experience which normally allows for fans to meet and greet some of their favorite players up close and personal this year was all done virtually with Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, and Rob Gronkowski to name a few. Fans were also able to virtually run a 40 yard dash and vertical jump against NFL players on LED screens, view a display of Super Bowl rings showcasing all 54 rings from each Super Bowl as well have their picture taken with the Vince Lombardi Trophy. About 20 miles down the road ESPN had a stage set up on St. Petersburg Beach downsized from their usual six Super Bowl city locations to just two this year due to the pandemic they were still able to provide excellent coverage of the event. Although the crowds were much smaller this year the energy was still high, fans happy that with all that has been stopped this year due to the pandemic they can still get out and enjoy the big game whether it be at Raymond James Stadium, a local venue or at home the energy was high and a great game was played. Congratulations to the Buccaneers on their win!

Ammie Thurman-Vegas Sports Daily